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Images To Combinations for Prestashop

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Images To Combinations is a premium, multi-shop Prestashop plugin that helps you bulk assign your product images to your product combinations with just a few clicks! By using it you can reduce the time consuming task of assigning images to each single combination to just a few seconds!

To bulk assign images to the combinations of a product, simply go to the admin product page. In tab, Modules, select to configure Images To Combinations. Associate each image to a product attribute and click on the bulk assign button at the bottom of the page! You are ready to go!


Below, you can see a screenshot of the admin product page.

Images To Combinations for Prestashop - 1


Sorry, but as Images To Combinations adds backend functionality to Prestashop, a demo is not available.

Check the screenshots to get the feeling!

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v.1.0 - September 9, 2020
Initial release
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Created 2020-09-09 13:22:36
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