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WooCommerce TensorFlow Image Search

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Customers may use this plugin to search for products on a WooCommerce store by submitting an image. It will use the TensorFlow machine learning and deep learning algorithm to deliver search results after submitting the image.

Additionally, based on the submitted image, it will generate some keyword ideas about a product after evaluating the image.

The consumer can utilize those appropriate search suggestions to fast and easily find the products in the store.

Note –

  • This module works for English Language only.

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    • On their WooCommerce store, the admin can allow picture search.
    • Set the maximum number of TensorFlow recommendations to show.
    • The search suggestion heading can be added by the admin.
    • The admin can change the color of the TensorFlow recommendation background.
    • The consumer can upload an image and then search for products using that image.
    • The customer can use the suggested terms to filter the search results.
    • It will display some word ideas based on the submitted image, and the consumer can search for things in the store using the suggestions.

    Highlighted Features

    1- Products That Are Simple To Find

    The consumer can search for products in the store using the image upload features.

    2- Image Recognition Using Machine Learning

    To detect the submitted image, this plugin employs TensorFlow machine learning and deep learning.

    3- Set Suggestion Limit

    Using TensorFlow, the admin can set the maximum amount of suggestions that can be displayed to clients.

    4- Suggestion Heading for a Search

    The search suggestion heading can be given a name by the administrator.

    Business Use

    The e-commerce era is quickly expanding. Store owners are utilizing the most advanced technologies to grow their stores and maintain their consumer relationships.

    Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are the industrial bulk goods that are enhancing the store’s capabilities.

    The WooCommerce store owner may leverage the TensorFlow Machine and Deep Learning to deliver picture search to their consumers with the help of this plugin.

    Customers will be able to find products in your business more quickly and easily thanks to the relevant search results.

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