Free Download : WP Ultimo SMS Verification Step

WP Ultimo SMS Verification Step

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Do you suffering from an infestation of spambots on your WP Ultimo network? We have a solution – WP Ultimo SMS Verification Step.

Main features:

  • Twilio API integration
  • Refresh balance rate
  • Passcode length from 1 to 10 symbols
  • Enable/Disable verification step
  • Full error/message log
  • Display phone number in users profile
  • Test SMS
  • Max retries per session limit
  • Phone validation regexp
  • Prevent/Allow multiple registrations by one phone number
  • Show/hide Twilio balance on admin bar

Note. This plugin is network only and requires WP Ultimo 1.4 and higher and PHP 7.2.5 and higher.

Knowledge base is available here:

Note. Refund requests available only until 15 days from purchase date.

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